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June is declared as the Philippine Environment Month and I am so thankful to be a part of Eco Hotel’s Green Conference held at The Containers in Tagaytay. The said conference aims to connect Filipino communities to sustainable and environmental organizations.

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First on the list were representatives from WWF or Word Wild Fund for Nature, They tackled pressing issues such as food and water security, wildlife conservation, and climate change. They encouraged everyone to aim for a zero-waste lifestyle and participate in WWF activities like the annual earth hour.

Second was a representative from down to earth who emphasized the importance of composting specially for those who are trying to live on zero-waste and they also taught us how we can grow our own little farm system even in the little places that can proportionally produce crops for personal consumption at the same time help the environment because of the oxygen that can be produced.

The third speaker is from Everything Green, the organization that is behind the “greenelas” greenelas, based from its name are a pair of eco-friendly slippers. They are made of unprocessed abaca and are handcrafted by natives. Through this, Everything Green is pursuing an eco-friendly alternative to rubber slippers and at the same time providing livelihood to pwd’s . Everything Green aims to introduce the “greenelas” worldwide as an eco-friendly filipino product that is, by the way, compostable which means hotel slippers that usually end up in landfills will no longer be a thing with these “greenelas” because you can just bury them in your garden after you’ve overused them

Representatives from plastic solutions were also there. They are advocates of using plastic bricks. They turn wastes that’s supposed to end up in landfills to a more useful “plastic bricks” that they use to construct things like sari-sari stores and even mix it with cement to create walls.

Not only through lifestyle, but fighting for a sustainable environment and eco-tourismcan also be done through traveling. That’s what Mad Travels has to offer. They are a travel agency that connects travelers to hidden communities in the philippines that can be found on the unmapped places. They organize travels wherein travelers get to visit a community in the provinces and interact with the locals. The travelers get to learn their culture and even help the community, like rebuilding the community’s libraries for instance, also by providing an eco-tourism where the locals can sell their native products and some are even hired as tour guides.

Fighting for a greener and cleaner environment is really hard. Specially in these modern times were pollution rates constantly increase but if we do it together, we can make a big difference. Don’t settle in small acts like using metal straws just to make ourselves feel good and say that we helped the environment because the real and the biggest problems are out there and are becoming worse at a faster rate. We need to act now before the Earth, The only habitable planet in the universe, dies.

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