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The content creator community has grown so big since a lot have found their passion and realized their craft in it specially in vlogging. While it is nice and entertaining to watch travel vlogs, fun challenges, and other stuffs you don’t usually do everyday, one can never deny the knowledge and wisdom he gets from watching inspirational and motivational vlogs and I am so blessed to be able to meet and interact with someone who does just that.

Last April 14, we met Nate Punzalan, an inspirational speaker and vlogger (Janina Vela’s brother). He invited, over twitter, papercups (his fans) to come play laser tag with him. I wouldn’t have known about it if it weren’t for my friends (hello @dolayisme and @triksyuuh!) who dragged me into it and i’m thankful they did!

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Nate was so humble and so kind that although we just met, he treated and talked to us like we were long time friends. He wholeheartedly shared his experiences as a vlogger and even asked us what content do we want to see on his next vlogs. Grabbing the opportunity, some memners of the group asked Nate about his relationship with his girlfriend. Nate, with sparkling eyes, excitedly revealed to us that he is secretly planning a proposal already and it is set to happen the next day! (It did! Check out his vlog)

After all the chitchat and best wishes, we proceeded to our main agenda: play laser tag!

We were led into a room where there are vest glowing with neon lights equipped with laser guns. We were oriented on what will happen and basically, those who wear vests with the same color as yours are your team mates and those who wear a color different to yours are your opponents. All you have to do is tag their vests with your guns to score a point. If ever you are tagged, the lights on your vests will be turned off and will be back on after 3 seconds in which time you will be able to tag other players again.

Entering the main battlefield, it was a maze, practically like an obstacle course, that is pitch black except from the lights emitted by your vests. Running, jumping, and crouching are prohibited so we could only hide between walls and ambush other players roaming around the field.

It was so much fun specially when you are doing james bond like stuff like firing your gun then hiding behind a wall with your gun pointing upward haha! The only drawback is when you get tagged just when you are about to reach the climax of your adrenaline rush. Nonetheless, we really enjoyed it specially because we were all too competitive and all the sweat were worth it because we got to see our ranks after the game (I ranked 2nd out of 18 players 😉)



After all the hiding and all the bang bangs, we settled in a room to feast on the food the management prepared for us and had an opportunity to mingle more with each other and do some picture taking.

Overall, the experience was worth the sweat and the leg sore because how rare is it that you meet someone who shares the same passion and conviction on their craft not to mention their faith? And in that moment we have formed a bond with strangers turned friends who we can rely on. Well, except for laser tag.

Have your own moment and enjoy laser tag with your friends too!

Visit them at 4th floor Market! Market! Mall BGC Taguig

Visit their website: https://www.lazerxtreme.com.ph/

Contact them at :


(02) 856 6467

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