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Self love is the best kind of love and there is no better way to cap a long tiring week than treating yourself with love and care–skincare! Thankfully, I discovered Elite Skin Perfection to help me with that.

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A combination of Relaxation and skin care at its finest, Elite Skin Perfection provides its customers proven and tested top quality products and services you’ll surely want your skin to experience.

It was my first time to have a facial treatment so undoubtedly, I was nervous about what’s going to happen. Thankfully though, their staff are so accommodating and friendly. Ms. Lyn here assisted me with my treatment and she made sure to explain to me every product she is applying to my face and why it is needed.

Elite Skin Perfection uses products from Aqua Mineral and Botanifique to ensure that their customers’ skin get to experience the wonders of the Dead Sea.

Aqua Mineral is a beauty care line based on the Dead Sea wonders which brings out the best in your skin and counters the effects of aging. Aqua Mineral is also the first brand to bring Dead Sea-based products from Israel to the Philippines.

Botanifique on the other hand, harnesses the essence of plants in their purest form and unleashes their nourishing benefits on the skin, hair and nails. Developed by a team of natural therapists and botanical specialists, Botanifique combines the power of nature and wisdom of the past with today’s cutting edge technology in perfect synergy to enable you to radiate with beauty from the inside out.

Elite Skin Perfection handled my face with care and used products that complements all skin types resulting to a fresh, clean, and pore-less skin I have never experienced before.

Elite Skin Perfection also has beauty consultants who will recommend the perfect regime that suits you as well as the products that your skin needs.

You may visit their shops @
📍 Glorietta 4, Makati

📍 Ayala Circuit Mall

📍 EDSA Shangri-La Plaza

📍 Festival Mall Alabang

Visit their Social Media accounts:

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